Amateur Radio Station K7YVO
Since 1963

Current VHF/UHF Handheld Tranceivers (HT) are as follows:


The Icom IC-92AD is a rugged 5 watt dualband HT with D-STAR built-in! Three RF power levels are available. It is built military tough. The IC-92AD (and optional HM-175GPS) have superior waterproof protection and is equivalent to IPX7 (1 meter underwater for 30 minutes). The aluminum diecast chassis and gasketsealed housing provide performance you can count on in harsh outdoor environments. Icom’s original wideband PA circuit and supplied lithium-ion battery pack provides 5 watts (typical) output power on both VHF and UHF bands. The supplied BP-256 provides up to 6/5.5 hours of operating time (Stand-by duty ratio= 1:1:8). When you do not need full power operation, you can reduce output power to 2.5/0.5/0.1 watts to conserve battery consumption. The 92AD features a multi-line, full dot-matrix display with simple bandscope. With this backlit display you cand see the alphanumeric channel name, bandscope, received message and position information, etc. You can even change the display setting to show frequency or memory name in the center of the display. The four cursor direction buttons on the keypad give you quick and intuitive access to many settings. The dual volume/channel knob provides convenient channel selection and volume control. And of course you have keypad entry. The built-in voice recorder (in DV mode only) records an incoming call for up to 30-seconds (or 15 seconds × 2 tracks, 10 seconds × 3 tracks). For automated outgoing calls, you can pre-record up to 10 seconds of your callsign and/or CQ message in the IC-92AD’s voice memory.

The VFO-A receive range is 0.495-823.990, 849-868.990 and 894-999.990 MHz. The VFO-B receive range is 118-174 and 350-470 MHz. You get dualwatch receiver capability, allowing you to receive on two bands simultaneously (including the same band). By pushing and holding the [Main/Dual] button, you can easily turn dualwatch on and off, while a single press toggles the active VFO channels (A band/B band) (some frequency restrictions apply).

FTM-100 Baofeng Radio Dual Band Long Range HT

【Professional Radio&Works great in Teamwork】With High/Low TX power selectable, 128 Channels,50 CTCSS and 104 CDCSS,Dual display / Dual standby/ Auto Keypad Lock, Can communicate with other walkie-talkies in the same frequency band, compatible with Baofeng UV-82, UV-9R PRO, TP-8Plus etc walkie-talkies, suitable for teamwork.

【Rechargeable Extended Capacity Battery】With 3800mAh extended capacity battery,Working time up to 48hours,200% higher standby time,Support base charging and USB charging to ensure non-stop communication

【AR-771 High Gain Antenna】In addition to the original Baofeng antenna, we also gave away a AR-771 soft antenna to increase the communication distance and make your conversation smoother.

【Compatible With CHIRP】The Radio support CHIRP,compatible with Mac, Windows XP/7/8//10/11 system,If your radio model is not find software , we will help you find software & special firmware for you.

【Multifunctional Use&FCC Certified】With LED Flashlight,Function VFO & Memory channels scan,VOX etc Practical Features;LED light can also be used to ask for help when danger occurs, so that you are not afraid of the dark in any situation.FCC Part 15 Part 97 Certified,FFC ID: 2AJGM-UV5R